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Changed plans.

2008-09-11 14:25:26 by Ciderwolf

As you know, i was going to study to 2-D animator in sweden. But i changed my mind, and now im studying to Firefighter! it feels kinda weird to make such a big change, but i think Firfighter is the right job for me. Of course i still going to make animations as a hobby. Well thats all for now. Im soon going to put up som backgrounds i made for a futured Flash animation.

Keep on going.

- Ciderwolf.

The newbie is here to stay.

2008-06-22 12:06:05 by Ciderwolf

Hi! Im a 15 year old boy who want to work as a 2-D animatior later on, and i have just discovered and got Flash. After the summer break here in sweden ( 10 weeks) im going to start my study to 2-D animatior and media stuff. All my videos and projects is going to be posted here when im done with my basic Flash animating training, witch is going to be over the summer. As a newbie, my first goal is going to be to master the basic movements and making som stick movies. If im not finding any job as animatior after my study (3 years) im going to take what ever job that i can get in the media sector. But dont worry, im going to make animations anyway, on my free time. I might even put some home made music here to.

Thats all for now, Im posting a painted picture that i made to.

Peace out

The newbie is here to stay.